Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week Mission Possible: Day One

Dan is on a business trip for seven days.  Penny and I are here.   I'm far from having a complete meltdown because of help and sanity I will be getting from my amazing in-laws right next door (and the loaded shotgun at my disposal), but it's still going to be an intense seven days being solo in running the house. This is the longest Dan's ever been gone.  Normally I might have sleepovers at my parents' house for a week like this but did I mention my folks are fiesta-ing on the beach somewhere in Mexico (my sister too) on the vacation that Dan and I were scheduled to be on?  [Remember Penny's passport photo attempts?].  I digress.

Rather than stress out or have a pity party, I am determined to have a great week. Blogging about it will help me stay the course.

Bucket List for Mission Week Possible:
  • Read to Penny at least once a day.  I can't do the voices as well as daddy, but I can try!
  • Put Penny's first-year of photos in her photo album
  • Send out all thank you notes from Penny's first birthday
  • Have a very productive work week
  • Buy necessary supplies and finish all the ruler orders we have in queue
  • Pray every day for single moms
  • Watch one cheesy chick flick by myself
  • Take Penny somewhere to play at least twice [I bought this great Groupon for Villari's Play Cafe that I intend to take full advantage of]
  • Exercise at least twice and eat relatively healthily
  • Pick up dog poop once so it's not out of control when Dan gets back
  • Blog every day
One great thing about today: 
This morning we shared a healthy wonderful breakfast. And even though daddy's not here to make us a smoothie, I still incorporated the Baby Kale we have in the fridge, and Penny still ate it!  

Costco staples FAGE plain Greek yogurt and pre-washed baby kale,
with a fruit pouch puree for flavor.
looks disgusting... tastes delicious
yes, please!

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