Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That's what it's all about

I read a news snippet about an app that removes all baby-related status updates and photos from your Facebook news feed.  Afterward, I did a quick census of my Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos and Vine videos... And sure enough, 'bout 95% of them are about my daughter or motherhood, with the rest falling into the categories of the hubby, the dogs, the band, some current event that really got me riled up, food or scenery, and other people in my life or the occasional selfie. This is not counting the blog.  

I bet quite a few folks would like to use that app to filter my posts. 

Do I need to adjust my social media postings to more accurately reflect my thoughts and my life?  I mean, is 19 out of 20 absurd?

Then I thought about what actually comprises my independent thoughts and how I spend my life, and I realized... Yaa 19 out of 20 for the baby is about right. I'm that mom.  

Everything I do, I do with my family in mind.  Everything I see or think about, I process in the context of my baby girl growing up in the world that we live in.  Penny is the joy of my days and being a mother is worth every trial that she brings me.  I want to talk about her all the time. I want to tell strangers in the grocery store all about her entire week's accomplishments when they just ask me how old she is.  I want to tell Dan the second he walks in the door after work about the funny face she made earlier in the day

To those who might utter: Gosh that lady's so obsessed with her baby. I hope if I ever have them I can still have a conversation with a grown up where I DON'T talk about my kids...

...I say I hope you can't. 

I hope you are so in love with your kids that you can't help but exude the pride and joy of your parenthood in everything that you do and say (and post).  I hope every moment of your life from the moment you find out you are pregnant, is in some way focused around that child that you love. 

That's what being a parent is all about. 

I don't talk about my faith or my relationship with God very often on the blog.  But thinking on this, in the midst of a very exhausting motherhood week, I settled into such comfort and peace on the realization that the way I've loved on my daughter this week, through her misery and sickness, and would do anything for her even when it means snot all over my clothes -- or not brushing my hair for three days -- or waking up every hour to nurse her even though she's not a newborn anymore -- or to reposition her in my bed all night long so she doesn't roll off because she doesn't want to be in her crib alone when she's sick-- or clean up spilled medicine after every dose -- or take three days off work and not be on vacation... doesn't even compare to the way that God loves each and every one of us, His children.  He loves us so incomprehensibly much. 

So that's a nice thought to end the day with.  Sleep in peace. 

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