Friday, August 16, 2013

Penny Goes to the Dentist

Other than loosely following my friend's recommendations from earlier this year, I have not devoted much time or effort to my child's oral hygiene.  The time had come to get these seven pearly whites looked at, and establish a relationship with a local pediatric dentist.

In addition to meeting the guy our pediatrician referred us to, I also wanted to talk about pacifiers, drinking cups, what to use and how to brush for this age, foods and other habits like gnawing on things, grinding, drooling, sucking her fingers, eating shoes, etc.  The appointment was around lunch time so Daddy was able to be there too to hear everything doc had to say.

How it went: Great. We were very pleased with Dr. Culp's chairside manner and Penny responded very well to him (although she didn't like the brief exam too much).  We learned a lot about how little mouths work and what puts them at risk for the bad stuff.  He spent a lot of time with us and answered all of our questions, which I really appreciated.

And as of tonight, we will be brushing Penny's teeth twice a day with a "big girl" toothbrush and kids' fluoride toothpaste.  [I know there are two camps on the topic of fluoride for kids... I'm not getting on either bandwagon, just going with what our dentist recommends].  Bye Bye Baby finger-brush!  And we'll be back in six months! 

Woke up from a car nap in Daddy's arms and a strange waiting room.
listening intently to everything her dentist had to say
"I could climb this"
She didn't want to let go of her new toothbrush.

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