Thursday, October 3, 2013


Making stir fry for dinner.  After last week's crock pot mishap, I needed to get back on the cooking horse.  I stared despair right in the face and made that same honey ginger chicken recipe Tuesday, and this time kept the crock pot inside the house.  It was just above mediocre and I won't probably make it again, but it was edible. Woo! Nobody got salmonella and nobody complained (and I fed the Lang Gang because poor Christina has been under the weather and hubby was out of town).  I digress.  Tonight -- stir fry.  Marinated the chicken at 2 o'clock this afternoon -- Boo-ya.  Don't worry, I googled "how to make stir fry" and it's pretty hard to mess up.  Knocking on wood. (and this marks four times in two weeks of me touching raw chicken. toot toot.)

Taking walks and trips to the park.  Three-fold:  1. I am to sit as little as possible while my sacrum and my L5 vertebrae continue to settle into their new position of not causing me life-altering back pain.  Walking to the park = not sitting.  2. It's getting nice out and my child loves to be outside. Winning.  3. Dan is in the middle of the "overseeding" process in the backyard, to grow lucious winter grass (read: the perimeter of our house smells like poo and chemicals) and Luna and Apollo cannot go out there lest they get covered in manure and dig up all the seeds.  Thus, lots of walks to the parks.  Today I have already picked up four lumps of fresh dog excrement with little plastic bags.  The things we do for our animals.

Baking chocolate chip cookies.  (toot toot) my cookies are delicious because they are thick and doughy and they have generous amounts of of chocolate chips and zero nuts.  Fun fact, when I was in high school I set a goal to one day be the mom in the neighborhood who made the best chocolate chip cookies.  This was a silly goal riddled by overly-competitiveness and an unhealthy relationship with desserts (which arguably stills lingers).  Nonetheless, I baked a lot, perfected the recipe, and now I don't make them nearly as often as I thought I would in high school.  In fact, since I became a "mom in the neighborhood," I don't think I've made them once.  But tonight I am.  This batch is for an outing to the cabin this weekend and a visit to my little seester at college next week.  You're welcome, sister's roommates.   No I will not post the recipe.  You can probably find a better one on Pinterest anyway (but I wouldn't know, I'm not on Pinterest).

Faking my way through this temporary SAHM life.  I'm on a short medical leave because of my back injury and let me tell you, not going to work has been quite the change of pace.  I feel more in touch with my house and my daughter than ever before.  I'm also realizing how much room there is for improvement in basically everything that I do.  The fact that I'm still nursing my back quite a bit doesn't help when I feel like I want to "Go Do" things.  I've got to slow down.  I've got to keep my priorities straight.  I've got to reflect.  I've got to be easier on myself.  And... I've got to go back to work in about a week anyway.

Gearing up for  exercises.  Yesterday at my doctor's office I got some super exciting exercises to do for my back rehabilitation for the next six weeks.  The first one involves sitting on a medicine ball and gently sliding my hips from side to side ever so slightly twenty times.  Watch out, Olympics, this girl is training hard.

Procrastinating Garage sale planning.  Pretty sure this is not my first mention of this.  Recently our friend Matt shared with us the concept of simplifying your life by going through your house and getting rid of anything that is not either Useful or Beautiful to you.  What a concept, right?

Thankful for naps. [No elaboration needed].

Laughing about my new favorite blog: Camp Patton.  I'm super late to the party having just discovered Grace's ramblings on motherhood and being wife to an OBGYN Resident.  I laugh out loud while reading every post.  I want to be her best friend.

Inspiration for 'Currently' posts comes from Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet and Megan on tumblr. Hooray for blogging!

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