Sunday, October 13, 2013

Matilda Jane Love (giveaway closed)

Goodie goodie gumdrops, check out the Paint By Numbers collection by Matilda Jane Clothing.  I was tickled pink when MJC contacted me to ask if they could send me a few things and would I write a review... um yes, please.  

Penny's Outfit
In these photos, Penelope is wearing the Limelight Peasant Top and Pointillism Big Ruffles pants.  Adorable, right?  If I was clever I might come up with a name for this photo shoot, like Little Girl Exploring in the Fall but more pithy.  This ensemble, and all Matilda Jane pieces are just perfect for Fall family photos (did someone say Christmas Card), especially for families with lots of daughters!  I found Penny's outfit to be soft and well-constructed and, albeit ruffly, very practical.  Photo shoot aside (I was playing with a new camera lens, so fun), Penny is going to wear this ensemble to our cousin's baby shower in a few weeks.

A note on sizing... Penny is almost fifteen months old and is wearing a size 12mo, and the pants and shirt are HUGE on her.  The good news is, she can wear them all through the winter without outgrowing...  But keep this in mind as you shop for your littles.

My Outfit
I got the Tawny Birch Tee, Butterfly Pants and (my favorite, the) incredible black Daybreak Cardigan sweater (outfit on the right).  Oh, and this Nancy in Chocolate headband (left), what do you think? I've never worn headbands before.

Truth be told, I don't think I can pull off the pink ruffled pants, but maybe I will get real brave and wear them when the occasion is right.  They are crazy comfortable.  I'm going to wear the tee and the sweater all the time this fall and winter.  I've already worn the sweater like three times and it's not even cold yet.  It goes with everything.  The tee is very comfortable, and I love how long it is, aaaaand Dan likes it (if you know him, you know he's particular about clothing), so that's always a plus :)

How to Shop
Penny inherited a few Matilda Jane Clothing items as hand-me-downs from sweet cousin Hope, and I've always loved their whimsical girly style, but never knew where the store was.  Now I know, you've gotta find a Trunk Keeper in your area and buy the items through them.  It's kind of like an underground boutique of girly goodness.  Also, now I know they have grownup clothes too.  If you live near me in the Phoenix area, I've already tracked down a seller near us.  If not, you can find one through the website, easy as (storebought) pie.

Giveaway Drawing
One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card towards their Matilda Jane Clothing purchase (if you aren't in the Phoenix area, I'll mail it to you!)

Three steps to win:

1.  [on your honor] Share a link to this post on the social media platform of your choice, so others can have a looksee at my review and enter if they'd like.

2. Browse the Matilda Jane Collections online, and in the comments below, share which item(s) you would like to purchase if you won, a sort of "wish list".  (Commenting within the blog works best from a computer, some have had trouble commenting from their phones.  Comments on FB don't count, let me know if you have trouble)

3. Make sure I know how to reach you if you win!  Hi new friends, I'm Julie.  If we've never met and I don't have your contact info, you can email me at juliejanuary [at] gmail [dot] com if you'd rather not post your contact info in the comments.

[insert shameless plug] And totally optional, you could always follow me on Instagram or Bloglovin' or subscribe to Becoming Julie Griffin using links on the right... I mean, that's if you wanna keep up with me and Penny and Dan and our shenanigans this fall.

I will select a winner at random on Saturday October 19th!  Good luck!

* Opinions herein are my own and I was not compensated for this review beyond items being provided to me at no cost.

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