Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Penny's second Halloween, 15-months-old
Getting ready was less-than-enjoyable as Daddy had to work late and sew part of his Huck Finn costume that ripped at a party last Saturday night, and Mommy was slightly disabled by the wired-braids in her hair that spanned so far to the sides that she had to turn her head to walk through doorways.  Probably won't do Pippi Longstocking again...

But once we finally got out of the house, we enjoyed our wonderful weather and our wonderful family and our wonderful neighborhood and all was good.

We tried to Trick 'r Treat but someone was more interested in people-watching and waving than taking candy from strangers.  Mommy was ok with this.

We visited neighbors all over the 'hood and covered a lot of ground.  We put a little QT in with our oldest nephews, taking them with us farther in after it was time for their younger siblings to get home to bed.

We called it a late night... Penny went down around 10pm, but she didn't fuss once.  All in all it was a great night.  Next year she will wear a real costume :)

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When I talk candidly to teenaged girls or young single women about dating, I usually work in the story about how and why I wore a turtleneck on my first date with my husband.  (Most of my sister's friends who might be reading this right now are nodding their heads and maybe rolling their eyes because they've heard this one.)

Why did I do it?  Simple. I didn't want this man I was meeting to get any impression whatsoever that I was interested in our encounter resulting in anything unladylike.  Read: I didn't want him to think I was a floozy.  Call me crazy, but I think my decision to dress modestly on the front end helped our relationship develop in a healthy and respectful way.  (Note, it was a cute turtleneck, not a frumpy one)

I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with showing a little collar bone or a little shoulder, but there was something about that day, this "blind" date, and I made a choice about how I wanted to present myself to this potential suitor.  I'm not saying my turtleneck gets all the credit, but it is no coincidence that on our first date we talked for seven hours.  Conversation, eye contact, interest.  First impressions set the tone.

photo by Jane Zarzynski in 2010.  Same turtleneck.

I'm no saint in the attire department.  I've got a few things in my wardrobe that some might consider immodest.  Modesty is a relative thing, different people have difference ideas about it, and I'm not trying to define it here.  Just, on this Halloween Day, I want to remind all the women out there that even if we're not going on a date, every day that we leave the house we make a choice about how we want to present ourselves to the world with what we wear.  Halloween too.

Rethinking the revealing costume you already put together for tonight?
Put a turtleneck under it :)

I like this post "Modest is Hottest" from Rachel over at Life Teen International and this post of five DIY Modest Costume Ideas from Nicole over at Project Inspired.


What's Penny going to wear tonight?  A glorious hand-me-down tutu full of all the Halloween colors, and a big orange bow on her head.  As for what to call this costume, I'm going with "Halloween Girl."  With everything going on these last few weeks in our house, we excused ourselves from coming up with an elaborate costume for her.  We figure next year when she's two she will probably have an opinion on the matter, so we would sit this last one out.  Tonight we will be walking around in our neighborhood and Penny will Trick'r'Treat for the first time.  Hoo-to-the-Ray.

Be safe! and Keep it Classy!  Happy Halloween!

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