Friday, November 1, 2013

If I had a Million Dollars (NaBloPoMo)

I'll be blogging every day in November as an exercise in writing faster and more efficiently, and also to make me take more photographs and learn how to use my new camera (which is an overwhelming piece of equipment).

Some days, like this one, I'll be writing from the BlogHer NaBloPoMo prompts (I agree, kind of an obnoxious acronym, but I'm excited to participate), and some days I'll be posting whatever I want.  I hope you'll check in on a regular basis!  (I might skip some weekends. Don't hold it against me.)

(Not that this would ever happen, but) If I found one million dollars cash in the morning and I had to spend it by nightfall, here is what I would do:

With half, I would get myself over to a financial institution and deposit that money so I could wire it electronically in order to:
  • Pay off the house.
  • Put $200K in our retirement account.
  • Put $30K in two college fund accounts for Penny and one other hypothetical child.

With the other half of the cash, I would run errands like it was my job,
  • Giving $10K each to our church, Immaculate Heart Radio, Local Pregnancy Centers, and to each of Dan's and my siblings and parents to donate or use as they please.
  • Drawing up contracts and prepaying for five years of landscape services to do the yard and five years of house cleaning services.
  • Buying like five lenses for my camera, two flashes, a handful of super fast media storage cards and a new iMac computer.  And an iPhone 5S with 64MB of storage.
  • Buying for Dan a legit mountain bike, a Vespa, a few pair of Tall pants from Eddie Bauer, a bunch of custom long dress-shirts from Nordstrom, a bespoke suit that fits him really really well and the plane ticket for him to go be fitted for it in London, and a handgun.
  • Buying a pair of children's Toms and Stride Rite shoes in every size.
  • Getting my hair cut and colored and buying that expensive shampoo that I love so much from Aveda.  And giving my girl Kim the tip of all tips. 
  • Walking on a car lot and paying cash for a brand new modest but reliable large family vehicle, and its extended warranty.
  • Buying us $500 gift cards for all our favorite restaurants, Costco, Petsmart, and Sprouts.
  • Putting new carpet in the whole house.
  • ... and any cash that was left at the end of the day before nightfall I would take to the closest womens' shelter or childrens' hospital.
Hopefully I would miraculously wake up at the break of dawn and coincidentally find this hypothetical money very very early in the morning so I would have enough time to do all of these things, and hopefully my mom or mother-in-law would be willing and able to watch my daughter all day.   

Well this has been a fun daydreaming opportunity... but... back in the real world, how blessed are we to have a roof over our heads, gainful employment, wonderful families, our health, each other, and this sweet little girl to wake up to every morning.  (circle back to me making myself take more photographs...)

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