Saturday, November 2, 2013


Toddlers get into everything.  Toys that make noise and light up and spin are very entertaining for certain bits of time, but Penelope "Monkey" Griffin really just wants to explore and climb stuff, especially now that she is walking, almost running.

She full-on climbed onto a wooden chair, stood up on it (tiptoes) and tried to retrieve something off of the middle of a desk... this was about a month ago and I documented it in my brain as a milestone, a big deal.  Now this kind of stuff happens all the time.  In and out of bathtubs, on and off beds, up and down slides at the park.  And I think I'll go look at this, and point at that, and move these rocks from here to there, and pick up this to see what's under it.

I love how strong her arms and shoulder muscles look when she climbs. I also love to see her brain working and body connecting as she decides where she wants to make her next move. The strategizing that goes on is like that of a tiny rock climber practicing her skills on a rock wall in the gym before going out to the real mountain. This foot needs to go there in order for me to get over that bump so I can reach that step up there.  She's developing her movement and decision-making skills so she can stealthily take over our whole world.

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