Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Can't Sit Still and a Shared Post

Love this post by my friend and event planner (and fellow chocolate lover), Jordan McBride. 

Exerpt: "I need to relinquish control sometimes. I need to stop comparing my life (especially my business) to people whose lives and businesses are moving at a different pace than mine, and start appreciating the journey. I need to take better care of my body and my mind. I need to spend more time showing my sweet little family how much I love them. I need to be less perfect and more present, before my head explodes."

On the Mrs. Griffin Front

Not working for my job job any more, without a corporation to answer to and a PTO schedule to keep, I find myself in a quintessential grey area of how to spend my time each day, which I would imagine any Type A former-professional in my situation would find themselves in.

When to say yes and how to say no, when to back out and when to suck it up.  And all the temptations in between.

So like any Type A former-professional, I've filled up my schedule.  Sitting still isn't my style.  Even now as I type this, my left leg eagerly bounces in a way that would drive an office-mate batty, if I had an office-mate.

In the early stages of launching a photography pseudo-business, gearing up for club volleyball season, and trying to blog every weekday in November (what was I thinking?), whilst adventuring into stay-at-home mom-hood....  I find myself overwhelmed in many moments throughout the day, preoccupied with the perfectionistic to-do list in my head.  Then my thoughts turn to remorse or anxiety:

Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?  Am I being present with my family?  My child?  My responsibilities to them? Are we going to be ok financially? Are my priorities in check? Am I even good at this? Am I taking care of myself? Spiritually? Mentally? Physically? Relationally?  

On days I'm the most wrapped up in self-doubt, I turn to the ones who love me the most for reassurance, encouragement, or constructive criticism.  Or I ask Penny for a hug.

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