Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lemons with Gramps

That's my dad, taking a break from serious yardwork to let Penny "help" trim a lemon tree.  (Shhhh it's actually an orange tree and these fruits are just really ripe, but he insisted they were lemons).

And in case you couldn't tell, it was 80 degrees here today.  #notcomplaining

I had my first hair appointment since June (yep almost five months!) so I was feeling pur-itty darn good.   You can imagine the bliss of going by myself for a long hair appointment, getting a little pampered and not having to go back to the office after, and then returning to my parents' house to find my child and my mom playing with play-dough at the Fisher Price kiddie table that I grew up with (kicking myself I didn't bust out the camera then too, they were so cute sitting across from each other), then later going outside to this. 

Grandparents are the best.

In case you didn't already think my dad was awesome, read this and this.

Also, hopefully it's evident that I'm getting a little better acquainted with the new camera.  I have so many things I want to really, like really, learn about... up next: reading my histogram and manually adjusting the white balance of photos on the camera (or using auto white balance) instead of in post-production.  But I'm taking baby steps.  You can follow my photography journey on my Facebook page if you like (pun intended.)

Happy Almost-Friday!

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