Friday, November 15, 2013


Turning over a new leaf in the ol' wardrobe and getting rid of all my formal business attire items at a garage sale we are having next week.  I'll be trying my best not to "look like I've give up on life" with frumpy sweats and mismatched rags... at least not every day... but this staying home thing does make it pretty easy to lose track of your style and fashion.  You can probably find me in my momiform of yoga-pants and t-shirts most days; and on the "nice" days, in a consistent rotation of the two pairs of jeans that I own (that fit me) and about five or six shirts that I just gravitate to because they're comfortable and I feel good in them.

Learning some new software that is much more current than my ever-familiar (and still wonderful) Photoshop CS4 that I've been getting by with on my laptop for a few years now.  I LOVE some of the new-to-me features of Lightroom 5, especially when it comes to viewing and selecting photos from a shoot, but as a Photoshop girl by training, I'm struggling with some of the new ways of doing things in Lightroom.  Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating, and sometimes I feel like it's just not as good as PS.  I will probably go back and forth for a while.  I guess change is always a transition.

Yearning for more hours in the day.   You know when you are doing something that you're really busy with and really excited about, how the day just gets away from you?  That's how I feel about just about everything in my life right now.  Hanging out with Penny all day -- most wonderful thing in the world.  Crazy busy with photo shoots and turning around photos for clients who are anxious to get their Christmas cards done -- so exhilerating.  Devouring photography knowledge and new software (see above) -- can't get enough of it.   Cooking a little.  Keeping up with laundry.  The usual mom stuff.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.  I lack sleep but not enthusiasm.

Burning dinner. probably.

Gearing up for working at club volleyball tryouts tomorrow. I can't believe it's already that time of year where hundreds (thousands) of girls ages 10-14 will be pulling up their kneepads and tying back their hair and stepping onto the court for three hours that will determine their destiny for one whole entire formative club season.  For those of us outside of it, it seems trite, but for each of these girls this day is the biggest deal of their life right now.  As fir the coaching/admin side of tryouts... phoof it's a lot of work.  If your daughter is tryout out tomorrow, please be nice to the staff.   :)

Procrastinating clearing my iPhone storage so I can take photos and videos again.  It always fills up so quickly it seems!

Thankful for the sale of our Prius.  When we decided just over a month ago that I would be quitting my day job, we also decided it was time to sell the high-gas-mileage small-AFV that I so loved for my carpool-lane commute to the office.  It's been for sale for about a month and this week we learned that it had sold!  Hazaah!!  Cash that check and one more step in the we're debt freeeeeeee!! direction.  As I mentioned before, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class really changed our lives.

Laughing about No-Shave November (or Movember).  I love seeing guys who don't normally have facial hair stepping out of their comfort zone and growing silly (or serious) mustaches and beards.  My hubby has a wonderfully scruffy handsome beard going right now.  I'm so into it.

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