Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Session: The Jones Kids

After battling with Facebook for too darn long trying to upload these photos for their mom to see (gah! technology!) and to continue to build my virtual portfolio, whatever that means -- I remembered… oh yeah… I have a blog.  I can share the photos here instead.

This has also saved me from failing at my #NaBloPoMo commitment (blogging every weekday in November) because I didn't have anything else ready today.  Now at 11:56pm I am getting in just under the garage door of Tuesday.  Phew… really dodged a bullet there.

I love these kids.  When I met them, they were ages three, five and eight (ish).  Their dad, Dan's cousin, actually introduced us (story), so technically we owe their family for our entire relationship.  Thanks Shane, I hope you like these photos I took of your kids!  XOXOXOXO

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