Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Recap (and Tiny Prints 30% off)

Holler if you love Black Friday!

It's 3:00am and I just got home from my annual Black Friday shopping trip with my dad and sister.  It's a tradition I couldn't really explain even when I wasn't tired, so I'm not going to try now when I'm completely delirious…  ok maybe I will try.  Sporting goods, electronics, clothing, socks, cosmetics, gifts for others… nothing we couldn't purchase any other day (or later in the day on Black Friday)… but it's not really about the purchasing or the deals.  It's about the time we spend together, on a mission, doing it together.  Can you tell I'm delirious?   It started one year when Dad wanted to buy something in particular, a doorbuster, and I said I'd go with him to stand in line.  This guy loves good deals more than he hates shopping.  I was in high school.   We had so much fun doing this together, talking in line, drinking our hot chocolate from thermoses.  It became an annual thing.  This was the day and age where the rebates were paper copies that you had to fill out and mail in (which was also a bonding experience later on in the day).   I can't remember how old she was when Leslie starting joining us, but I do remember becoming a trio made for even more efficient trips to high-traffic destinations.  One could stand in line while two shopped, and we could take shifts.  We then broadened our hit list from just one or two spots, to like five or six.  It's just kind of grown from there.  This year was the first year that we went shopping at night before going to bed, instead of setting an alarm and going at like 3am (now).  So many stores opened either late on Thanksgiving night, or at midnight this year.  I actually liked this better.  Although not sure the Thanksgiving Food Coma did anything to help our shopping work ethic. 

Say what you will about people who shop at odd hours of the night, but know this: I don't think we miss out on the Thanksgiving spirit, or spending quality time with one another… we just do it a different way.


I'll be going to bed in a few minutes hoping and praying that Penelope is a dear and sleeps in a little bit, but wanted to make sure I posted this….  the real Black Friday fun:

For all of you ordering your Tiny Prints stuff today, here's the scoop:

30% off your entire purchase, 50% off special trim options on cards, and free shipping.

Write these down:  promo code BF13 (today only) and free shipping code FS13 (limited time).

Click here to shop.

Tiny Prints Black Friday Sale

Also available here you can cash in on 5 free stationary samples with code 5HOLIDAYSAMPLES -- I haven't really checked out their stationary but I'm sure it's classy.

OK now seriously I'm going to bed.

Nighty night….
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