Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thirty (a list).

Taking a moment to stop and think about how much God has blessed me these last few years.




There was a day and age that birthdays brought me bad fortune and disappointment.  Now all I can say is "life is good" and I'm super stoked about entering a new decade.

Inspired by my friend Jordan, I decided to subject myself to public accountability with a list of thirty measurable goals, and some hopes and wishes for this year of my life:

(in no particular order)
  1. Go on one trip with just my husband 
  2. Try five new recipes (not all dessert)
  3. Do at least three projects I pin on Pinterest (photography and cooking not withstanding)
  4. Update Penny's baby book
  5. Finish Penny's nursery (shameful, I know.)
  6. Visit my sister in Tucson at least three times
  7. Grow something in my backyard and not have it die
  8. Paint my own nails before any formal events
  9. Take Penny to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale
  10. Clean out my closet (again)
  11. Find a pair of dressy shoes that I really love AND are comfortable enough that my feet and back don't ache the day after I wear them
  12. Give more money to charity than any previous year Dan and I have been filing jointly
  13. Read the bible with Dan every day 
  14. Host one party or event for someone else at my house (wherein no one is selling anything)
  15. a. Have another baby / get pregnant again (a hope, not a goal) or 15. b. lose the baby weight from the last one
  16. Serve twenty new clients in my photography business
  17. Launch a new photography website (for now everything is hosted here on the blog)
  18. Go to a museum in Arizona
  19. See six movies in the theater
  20. Play the piano at one event or function
  21. Go to the dentist
  22. Go to the eye doctor
  23. Catch up on all of my pre-paid sessions at Massage Envy 
  24. Help my parents move to Gilbert (a wish, not a goal)
  25. Earn enough $$ taking pictures to cover half of my front-end investment in photography- and computer-equipment
  26. Buy one additional L-glass lens (photogrageeks you know what I'm talking about)
  27. Take the dogs on at least two walks per week
  28. One date-night per month
  29. Make homemade ice cream twice in the summer
  30. Read one book, the whole thing.
Truthfully, thirty feels about the same as twenty-nine, with a smidge more self-assurance.  

Happy day to me. 

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  1. Yay, yay, yay! I am few days behind on my blog reading so I'm sorry I just saw this now! I'm so happy for you and so touched that I inspired this list. :) :) I know you can check EVERYTHING off of it. Good luck! Mwah!


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