Monday, February 17, 2014


Yep! Penny announced her big-sister-ness on Valentine's Day with an adorable valentine that she made [colored on] for the new baby. 

Here's the Instagram in case you missed it:

And here are some of the juicy details and FAQ's:

Due Date: September 7th (I'm 11-weeks now). Queue comments about another miserable pregnant Arizona summer... This is about three weeks later than my Penelope due date, meaning all my seasonal maternity clothes should be just right.  

Finding Out: New Year's Eve, up in Flagstaff (Northern Arizona) at my parents' cabin. We were up there with our toddler and our dogs, and our good friends (she's also pregnant!) and their dogs.  I was at Day 31 in my cycle so I figured maybe it wasn't too early to take a pregnancy test, and sure enough there was that little faint line.  I had slept in a little bit... because, cabin... and took the test before I emerged from my slumber chamber. Dan was making eggs and chatting with our friends in the kitchen, and as soon as he saw my face when I walked out, he knew too :)

Were We Trying?: my not-favorite response to telling people we're pregnant is when they say "You know what causes pregnancy, right?" [hardy har har]. Yes we know what causes it, and we did that thing, so I suppose you could call that "trying."  You know we don't do any artificial contraception if you've read any of my NFP-related posts.  We're married. God blessed us with another pregnancy. Maybe you could say He was trying :)

How have I been feeling?:  bleh. Not good.  This first trimester has been nothing like my last pregnancy.  Let's just say I lost 12 pounds in the three weeks following our Hawaii trip last month.  I've almost unsubscribed from Instagram multiple times because all the food posts make me want to barf.  I threw up after having gingerale and saltines a few weeks ago and now I can't even look at either.  The prescription anti-nausea medication really helps a lot on days when I have important things to do (like leaving the house), but the side effects were taking a toll on my digestive system so I've been trying not to take it every day.  It's been a real balancing act and it's been very difficult on our family life. I've been very blessed with lots of help with Penny. Hoping to turn a corner soon when my second trimester comes around.  Trying to keep my head upon this department. 

Are we gonna find out the sex of the baby?: Although I maintain that finding out the sex of the baby with your husband and NOT telling anyone else is definitely the way to go with your first child, we decided that with we are going to find out AND share the news this time!  The grandmothers are happy about this.  Both Dan and I think it's a rambunctious little boy. 

Food cravings: when I actually want to eat, I've been gravitating toward cinnamon raisin toast with cream cheese, strawberries, rice Chex, macaroni and cheese, tuna on sourdough, tortilla chips, and juice (my juice cravings change every day so we have like 5 varieties in our fridge). Oh, and I could really go for a dirty vodka martini, but, pregnant, so...

More to come! Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!

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