Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: Lil Snacker Bib by Neat Solutions

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to try out new products that I might not ever think to buy in a store on my own, but that end up being a welcome addition to our stash of gadgets and go-to's.  Thus is the case with this snacker bib.

You can read all the cool specs and environmental material details on the Neat Solutions website.  I'll just tell you about my experience with this hybrid of a bib and a snack container.

I introduced this pink and green device to Penny (22mo) at home as her new "special bib" to be filled with fruit snacks.  I was able to take a shower and get dressed while she played by herself and ate said fruit snacks without spilling any.  Five stars.

Later that day, I brought it with us on an ambitious two-errand shopping trip, using it to stash raisins and keep Penelope occupied while I braved the aisles of both the grocery store and Buy Buy Baby.  Again, self-sufficient contentment from my toddler for an impressive amount of time.  Five stars.

My Random Thoughts:
  • Is it comfortable? It doesn't look like it would be comfortable, but then again Penny wore it for over half an hour (twice) with no complaint.  
  • It's super easy to clean.  A must for any item that wants to avoid the garage sale pile at my house.
  • This thing is great for instances where hand-held containers with similar style lids might be dropped (like out the shopping cart or car seat).
  • I wish it was more foldable/portable. I loved having it at the grocery store but didn't love packing it in my diaper bag. 
  • For us, I think this item will best serve our needs not as an every day item, but a cool special thing that we will use in novelty situations when Penny needs a distraction or something to elongate (and contain) her snack time... i.e. every week when I power through my woe-is-me-it's-so-hot-and-I'm-so-pregnant-and-my-toddler-is-so-squirmy trips to the grocery store.
  • It is constructed well.  It's not going to be one of those things that is cool at first but eventually falls apart, it's sturdy.
  • I like that it can be used with or without the snack trapper top. 
  • I liked it because Penny liked it.
  • I didn't use it in its traditional "bib" sense (during meal time, etc.) but I think it would be good for younger babes in this instance.  Label says ideal for 6-24 months so will definitely hold onto it for when baby #2 starts eating solids... my brain can barely go there right now but the time will come!
If you are interested in getting your kiddo one of these bad boys (they also come in blue), you can find 'em at your local kid-supply stores, or of course, my favorite, you can buy it on Amazon here.

* Opinions herein are my own and I was not compensated for this review beyond item(s) being provided to me at no cost

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