Thursday, July 3, 2014

Big Red

Up toward the mountains of northern Arizona is an escape, a house on five acres with a sun room and a giant porch and lots of pine trees. The dogs can run, the husband can shoot, or read, or make craft cocktails; the Penny can get dirty and point at horses and collect pine cones; and the pregnant wife can take long baths in the giant tub and wear no makeup for days. 

At this house lives a truck. Capable of only 53 miles per hour, and with one door that won't open, the truck enjoys retirement from it's younger years of doing who-knows-what for my grandfather.  Now its only jobs: posing in photos every July with my daughter(s) and hauling the occasional lumber to my dad's wood pile.

Happy Red White and Blue this weekend, everyone.

If, by chance, you are interested in doing a photo session with this red truck, we might be able to arrange something!  You can contact me on Facebook or using the contact form here.


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