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Go Bag Packing Lists

I've had lots of people ask me what I recommend packing in the hospital "go bags".  Dan and I are packing ours this week so I thought I would share our lists!  May look like overkill, but better to have and not need than need and not have, I always say..... In case your stay at the birth place is longer or different than you originally imagined.

Go bag for the car:  
Why a car go bag? I personally know two people who have delivered their babies in the car on the way to their place of birth.  It's not likely and it's not ideal, but it's not a bad idea to be prepared just in case! 
    -Two (clean) towels
    -Two large-size empty ziplock bags
    -Two large trash bags
    -One clean blanket
    -One "potty pad" for you to sit on (in case your water breaks en route)
    -One small bowl
    -Pillow for mom's comfort, especially for longer drives

Dad's Go Bag:
-Reference Paperwork: 
     --Two photo copies of mom's insurance card & driver's license, and medical power of attorney
     --Two copies of your birth preferences document (birth plan)
     --A list of phone numbers (grandparents, house-sitter, best friend, anyone someone besides you two might ever need to call etc.) 
     --Your OBGYN/midwife and Pediatrician's name and contact info
-"Coaching" stuff: lotion and tennis balls for back rubs, empty clean water bottle, a watch for timing contractions, etc. (depending on your birth plan), lavender essential oil, diffuser
-Chargers for any electronics you might be bringing (phone, iPad, music player etc.)
-Deck of cards
-Music player if you'd like.
-Swim trunks
-Two "comfy" changes of clothes acceptable for sleeping/napping in or when visitors are present (my husband was FREEZING at the hospital last time, so he actually ended up having a friend bring him warmer clothes for the nights we slept there).
-3 pair clean underwear
-Comfortable shoes and slippers.
-One "non-pajama" change of clothes (like jeans and a polo or something, remember Dad will be in lots of pictures, so consider this when you select your graphic tee and sweatshirt)
-Tooth brush and deodorant
-Snacks such as dried fruit, granola/protein bars, nuts, honey sticks, candy bars, etc.
-His own medication if he's on any
-Cash for the vending machine or cafeteria
-The camera! don't forget memory card and extra battery/charger as applicable
-A few surprises and favorite treats for older sibling(s) for when she gets to come meet the new little one and finally see mom and dad.

New Baby's Go Bag:
-Outfit to wear home. I would bring something in the Newborn size and something in the 0-3 month size.  He/She won't really need clothes until you go home, you'll keep baby swaddled or skin-to-skin the whole time you're there. 
-You can bring other outfits/accessories if you want them for pictures but baby won't "need" them.
-Fractionated coconut oil, to put on baby's bum.  It helps the newborn poop come off without a thousand wipes.
-Car seat -- can't leave without it!
-An EMPTY small tote bag (or your diaper bag), to fill with all the good stuff they will give you to bring home (diapers, wipes, pads, sanitation bottle, baby bath accessories, breast-pump tubing, and a few other things)

Most birth places provide all of this (ask on your tour), but if yours doesn't, you might also need:
-Shower towels and wash cloths for you and dad. 
-Shampoo and soap, but bring your own if you are picky.
-Pillows and blankets for dad on the fold out, bring your own if your husband is picky.
-Diapers and wipes
-Pads for you

Mom's Go Bag:
-A few pair of cozy socks
-Flip flops for the shower/bathroom if you want
-Toiletries, as though you were going on vacation (hair brush, hair dryer, make up if you'll want it, etc.)
-A couple nursing gowns, if you don't want to just wear the hospital gowns. Regular nightgowns will do as long as you can access your boobs, think button-down, elastic neckline, or spaghetti strap. (But nursing gowns are best). You could also simplify your life and just wear the hospital gowns the whole time you are there, that will be your choice.
-(you don't need to bring underwear, they have special underwear for you to wear and I actually found it really comfortable)
-Robe (maternity fit is best, or really big)
-A notebook or notepad to take notes on. I just kept this by my bed and used it quite a bit during my stay.
-Thank You Notes, just in case you want to write some to the nurses, or want to get started on gift TY notes while you have some down time in the hospital.
-Something to wear home. Last time I wore a nursing gown and robe :) -- this was the only thing that was comfortable for me after my emergency C-section (Didn't wear anything with a waistband for a couple weeks). If you have a vaginal birth, you should be able to wear comfy pants and a shirt, think 5 months pregnant for size.

Older Sibling(s):
This is going to be totally different for everyone depending on age of the child(ren) and what arrangements you are making for them.  But don't forget to plan ahead for them too!

I hope this was super helpful!  
Please feel free to print this post, or copy and paste it as a starting point as you are making your own packing lists!

I'd love some suggestions in the comments if there is anything you packed (or forgot!) that you think I should add to my own lists!

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