Monday, August 11, 2014

Love is...

...a man reading Winnie the Pooh to his daughter, on the same night he installed the board-book ledges he built that very day (in the hot garage), which his wife had been dreaming about for a year but just mentioned to him two days prior because she is pregnant with their second child and that's when she started nesting.

...and not even complaining when said wife snuck in to take a picture of their bedtime routine and show off his handy work.

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  1. Nesting is REAL. Two days ago I took every single thing out of my cleaning closet, wiped the shelves, vacuumed the floor, organized everything, and put everything back in. In other words, I cleaned my cleaning closet.

    If I could vacuum my vacuum right now, I totally would!

    Such a sweet moment you captured of Dan and Penny. :)


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