Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Memory Story: All the Stuff in a Big Girl Bed

Tonight Penny randomly started crying about two hours after Dan put her to bed. She was mumbling something about an owie on her leg.

Dan went to check it out.

She had stuffed all of her animals and toys from her bed, down her pajama pants.  Let me say that again... she had taken, one by one, the animals and toys from her bed, and put them in her pants.  We might have a shoplifter or a hoarder on our hands.

Namely Baby Beluga the whale was stuck by her thigh, probably constricting her leg movement, thus warranting the whining.  Dan said he had no idea how she got it down there, he was impressed.  It took him like ten minutes to get her pajama ensemble and bed arrangement back in check and come back upstairs. 

I think this amount of toys and dolls in a toddler girl's bed is totally normal.  Dan is very concerned that she is going to grow up to be a messy person like her mama...

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