Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear Sister

Dear Penny,

Thank you for sharing two blankets with me and for letting me lay in your tent. Reading books in your big girl room before naptime is my all time favorite thing to do. And I love when you sing to me. 

Please stop poking me in the head.  Also, it's super hypocritical for you to say you don't like it when I cry in the car when you cry wayyyyy louder than me sometimes.

I think it's super cool that you can dance so well and I like to watch you.  I can't wait until I'm big like you and can hug all the stuffed animals you put in my face. Please don't get frustrated when mommy stays in bed a little longer because she's nursing me.

Also, remember, I can't eat cashews because I don't have teeth. 

Love you Penny,

(Your baby sister) Josie

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1 comment:

  1. So fun! Sometime I wonder what Clark is thinking about Stella. I like to think I know and sometimes it makes me laugh to myself!

    PS I am loving Josie's baldness! So sweet.


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