Saturday, April 26, 2014

Matilda Jane Love (giveaway closed)

Happy Spring!!

If you love MJC as much as I do, you're as excited to see this post as I was to write it!

Today we're checking out Matilda Jane Clothing's new Spring collection, called It's a Wonderful Parade!  (psst… and there's a $50 giveaway at the bottom!)

In these photos, Penny and her cousin Hope are wearing the Love Bug Knot Top, the Cloudy Puffer Tee, and the Sweetheart Ruffle Leggings.  

Hope is wearing all three pieces, and Penny is sporting the knot-top in true hot Arizona style... with nothing underneath.  This top is so versatile that it can be dressed up with ruffles and pants, or practical for toddler play with nothing underneath but a diaper cover!   I so love the knot top dresses and tops available from Matilda Jane Clothing right now, there's nothing cuter.  Penny is going to wear the whole ensemble, ruffles and all, to her next daddy-daughter date with Dan.  In the mean time, you can find her sporting her Love Bug about once a week around the neighborhood.  She's getting to the age where she likes to pick out her own outfits, and without fail, if this top is clean and in her closet, it's her first choice any given day -- I think she feels extra cute in it :)

How to Shop
You can find a Trunk Keeper in your area and buy the items through them.  It's kind of like an underground boutique of girly goodness.  If you live near me in the Phoenix area, I've tracked down a seller near us.  If not, you can find one through the website, easy as (storebought) pie.

GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card towards their next Matilda Jane Clothing purchase!

Three steps to win:

1. [on your honor] Share a link to this post on the social media platform of your choice, so others can have a looksee at my review and enter if they'd like.

2. Browse the Matilda Jane Clothing Collections online, and in the comments below, share which item(s) you might like to purchase if you won.  A blog comment is you putting your name in the hat! (Comments might not come through if you post from your smartphone, so it's best to enter from a computer.)

3. Make sure I know how to reach you if you win!  Hi new friends, I'm Julie.  If we've never met and I don't have your contact info, you can email me at juliejanuary [at] gmail [dot] com if you'd rather not post your contact info in the comments.

I will select a winner at random at 8am (Arizona time) next Saturday May 3rd!  Good luck!

P.S.  I also wanted to mention that this collection has some really neat grownup items.  Soooo don't feel like you can only enter this giveaway to shop for a little one in your life!

P.P.S. My blogariffic sister-in-law is featuring a MJC review on her blog this week as well, check it out:  Matilda Jane Review at The Lang Gang Loves.

* Opinions herein are my own and I was not compensated for this review beyond items being provided to me at no cost.

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