Thursday, December 11, 2014

Banana Bread Recipe

It all started when we were enjoying some homemade banana bread at my mother-in-law's, and she told me that she always makes banana bread when her bananas start to get too ripe, so they don't go to waste.   I love banana bread... I'm going to buy bananas all the time now so I can make it.   It had never occurred to me that banana bread was made with real bananas (as opposed to banana pudding mix, or banana extract or something).  Dunno why, just never thought about it.

So I set out to come up with a recipe that was just to my liking; and Penny and I have been baking banana bread and trying different things almost every week for the last two months.  She's very helpful, that Penny.  Stirs brown sugar like a boss and always makes sure no chocolate chips are astray on the counter.

Anywho... here's what we've come up with.  Penny calls it 'Nana Bread.  Let me know if you make it!  Or what you'd do differently!

(Click on recipe to view full image, then print away!)

Oh, and if you're wondering why my posts have been so... ahem... seldom, it's because I've been crazy swamped with photography busy season, so pretty much all of my computer time has been dedicated to delivering images to clients... because, well, I also have two small children to take care of.  But, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Advent Season to you all!   You can see what I've been up to with the photo business on my Facebook page.  Is it a business if you haven't made any money yet?  Things to ponder...

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