Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Tis the Season

This time of year can be tough for photographers and their families. I'm not going to lie, having a two-year-old and a three-month-old and providing photography services for twenty-seven families over the course of two months has been a lot for us. Dan's this close to secretly selling my camera and computer and telling me they were stolen. He wouldn't, in fact he's been amazingly supportive, but, you get it. So if you've invited us out or texted me for a play date and we've declined (or didn't respond), that's why. We still love you, friends!

I think the holidays are different for moms with small children. Like all the other areas of life, there's simply no room for selfishness in the day-to-day when there are little ones needing needing needing something every minute of the day. I admire the families who do things like Elf on a Shelf and crafts projects and cookie decorating and DIY Advent calendars and -- gasp -- hosting a party. Maybe when the girls are older.

I've officially delivered all photos to families wanting to order Christmas cards, so yesterday, I took the morning "off" and decided some fresh air would do good for my (presumed) sinus infection and my restless toddler.
We took a very long walk around the neighborhood delivering Christmas cards and fresh-baked banana bread to a select few neighbors. I took the opportunity to talk to Penny about how Christmas time is for Mommy to sit at the computer all night giving and loving our neighbors. It warmed my heart each time she carefully placed a bow on the mini loaf and then waited anxiously to see if anyone would answer the door after we knocked. If they did, her eyes would light up and she would say "look!" as she presented them the bounty of Saran-wrapped goodness. If they didn't answer, she carefully selected a spot on their front door mat to place the banana bread or envelope so that it could surprise them when they got home.

And, for that little while, I wasn't stressed about anything, and I got excited for Christmas.

Today, somehow in between Penny's whining and Josie's crying and my making more tea for myself because I can't take the drugs my body needs to shake this awful cold that I've picked up, I wrapped a present. And put it under the tree. And I got excited about Christmas a little bit more.

The other day while I was nursing and browsing the web, I stumbled upon the first Christmas post I ever wrote , when Dan and I were engaged. It made me so happy and thankful about where any are in our lives right now.

Even in the chaos and craziness, except maybe not being sick, I wouldn't change a thing. 

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