Saturday, March 14, 2015

Left Neglected

The blog, that is. 

What's going on with us is: a complete rearrangement of our work spaces, flip flopping office and study and all the furniture and guts thereof.  You know what happens when you move your office stuff? You have to go through your office stuff.  All the papers.  Bleh. 

Dan, good at the macro, and me, good at the micro, are sort of working together and sort of working separately.  Sort of just trying to keep it all together in the chaos.  And sort of also trying to do a bunch of other things.

Not much from me here today, but big exciting things to come for my photography business and hopefully the general zen of our home.  In the mean time, heaven help us. 


  1. I would highly recommend The Life Chanfing Magic of Tidying Up! Would be perfect since you're already going through your stuff.

    1. Can I read it by osmosis Garfield style while I sleep?

  2. Sweet, can't wait to hear about your photo biz news! Love your work :) -Misty


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