Thursday, March 19, 2015

Your Daily Vote

Top Baby Blogs has just done their quarterly (I think?) reset, which means we are back to zero, zip, nada, double donuts.  

If you find yourself "liking" my posts on Facebook, or venturing over here to this little blog often, you can show your love every day with a vote for Becoming Julie Griffin on TBB ... but especially today and tomorrow!  It's just two clicks and I so appreciate the support!  

You'll see this rectangular link: 
Vote Daily and Help Our Rank at Top Baby Blogs!
conveniently located at the bottom of most of my posts, 
or you can always use the button up there on the right if you are in a web browser.

Being ranked [somewhat] highly in the Top Baby Blogs directory means I get to tell my story to more people all over the place, and who knows what could come of it!


Here's Dan and I on our wedding day.  Today's our anniversary.  A few weeks ago we looked through our wedding album with Penny and Josie and the toddler asked "who's that booful princess?"
She did a double-take when Dan told her it was Mommy.  Guess I clean up real nice when I'm a size eight :)

happy fourth anniversary to us.  photo: Jane Zarzynski.

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