Friday, August 28, 2015

Two Requests

This post is coming at you humbly with two requests: one, for your vote; and two, more importantly for your prayers. 

1.  Top Baby Blogs has just done a regular (I think?) reset, which means we are back to zero, zip, nada, double donuts.  

If you find yourself "liking" my posts on Facebook, or venturing over here to this little blog often, you can show your love every day with a vote for Becoming Julie Griffin on TBB ... but especially today and tomorrow!  It's just two clicks and I so appreciate the support!  

You'll see this rectangular link: 
Vote Daily and Help Our Rank at Top Baby Blogs!
conveniently located at the bottom of most of my posts, or you can always use the button up there on the right if you are in a web browser.

2. I could use some extra prayers right now, from those of you that are the praying type. This past weekend I slipped and fell and sprained my hand and wrist, and then also sprained my lower back a couple days later. I am having a rough time getting along in the day to day regular mom and house stuff, not to mention that I am a photographer coming up on busy season and my business relies heavily on the use of my right hand.  I am trying to keep my chin up, with hopes of a very speedy recovery.  :-/

Monday, August 17, 2015

Product Review: Fresh Wave

These new goodies from Fresh Wave smell so good and work wonders.  My favorite: the odor removing packs... already put all six into place and plan on buying more. Two gym bags, bottom of the diaper genie, under Penny's bed, under the trash lid and in my car. 

Non toxic, safe for kids and pets, uses essential oils, and smells fabulous. 

Brand new, available now only at Target.  You're welcome. 
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