Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pity party of one your table is ready

Radio silence from me lately on the blog has primarily been due to the wrist/hand injury I inflicted upon myself playing concrete slip-n-slide at a church paint party four weeks ago, then the lower back sprain that would follow when I was trying to still take care of my kids and hit it hard at the gym, despite said wrist injury.   A woman down and out for a couple weeks will really get her behind on blogging (and everything else).  I haven't even documented my child's first birthday stats (#secondkid) even though it's been three weeks.

I've been hanging in there but I confess that I've been really feeling sorry for myself in a 'this could not have happened at a worse possible time and it's everybody else's fault' kind of way.  This. Sucks. Not having a fully functional wrist on your dominant hand when you just started lifting weights and doing yoga again and are a photographer in busy season and have two small children that want to be picked up and held all the time... it sucks.  Have you ever tried to put on a sports bra with one non-dominant hand? Or load a one-year-old into a carseat?  Or slice a piece of fruit while holding a toddler?

I've replayed the event in my head so many times -- mostly with anger... at myself, at the people who planned it and approved it despite the obvious safety hazards, at my husband, at myself again -- in slow motion rethinking every move as though I could undo it and get the last month of my life back at full strength.   If only I would have remained a wallflower when the paint started flowing.  But nooooo... I had to get int there, I couldn't possibly leave a paint party without paint on my clothes.   Sometimes overlooking the amazing help I've gotten from family and friends, my mind will turn to the weight I could have continued to lose if I'd have been full strength at the gym.  The work I could have already gotten done if I'd have been full strength at the computer.  The portrait sessions I wouldn't have had to cancel because I couldn't hold my camera for the first two weeks. The cuss words I wouldn't have said under my breath if I didn't have to wear this damn brace on my wrist whenever I do anything that could possibly compromise the healing.  So many cuss words I've whispered.  I confess.  And I hate it when women cuss.

But there's this guy we know.

He's funny and smart and generally happy.  And he's in a wheel chair because of a drastic misfortune when he was a child.   We know him and his story as a good family friend, but if you're not in a position to hang out with him in person, he's also got a book, and was a significant part in a recent sermon at our church, which you can watch here if you are up for a kick in the pants about Humility:

Often God puts things in our path to stop us in our thinking tracks.

So my little wrist sprain isn't so bad.  I feel like a horrible person and a horrible mother and a horrible friend for my attitude (sometimes unspoken) during this "trial".   This too shall pass, I must be reminded.  Thank you for your continued prayers for healing and for all of the help I've had with the girls this past month.

And I promise I'll post Josie's one-year stats before she's two ;)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pampers FTW and a Babies R Us Giveaway (closed)

Does your baby's dance party look like my baby's dance party?  Being real with you for just a moment here... sometimes diapers don't get changed for just a little bit of pee but how embarrassing when just a little bit of pee makes baby's diaper sag like this ^^  
Onlookers be like, doesn't she change her baby's diaper???

Enter Pampers Cruisers redesign, no more saggy diaper.  I'm not a big sharer of commercials, but this one hit so close to home... I just can't not.   You all know how my babies pretty much live in just-a-diaper when we are at home.

P&G has also re-innovated their Pampers Swaddlers, making them indisputably the softest diapers ever.  I got a pack and oh boy are they soft.

In honor of new innovation and because they are super nice, P&G and Babies R Us would like to gift one of my readers a pack of Pampers wipes and a $75 gift card to Babies R Us.  I've got it here in a box ready to ship to you, oh lucky one -- so please enter (Rafflecopter) below and the winner will be randomly selected next Wednesday!   And expecting mamas, when you create your registry, make sure you get your free sample of the new Swaddlers at Babies R Us this month and next (Sept/Oct 2015).

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: congratulations to Michelle L. of Phoenix for winning!
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