Monday, November 30, 2015

the elf without the tattling

It's almost December 1st.  Not only does that mean Christmas countdown is officially on, but this day and age, it means the elves show up in most houses that have little kids.

Dan and I weren't going to do the Elf-On-The-Shelf thing, because, one more thing.  But we decided to do it so Penny isn't the only one in her preschool class who doesn't have one, and make it fun for us too.

When we got the kit and read the book, we were NOT into the whole 'I'm spying on you and I'm going to tell Santa if you're bad' thing... so we completely ditched the book and our elf is leaving this note instead.

Dear Penny and Josie,

I’m visiting your house,
From the North Pole I came
I’m thrilled to see you girls and
I hope you feel the same!

Every night I will fly back
To see Santa and my friends,
And tell them my adventures, 
Before I return here again.

I’m a little bit silly
And I love to explore
I knew your house would be fun
As soon as I flew in the door!

I’ll be using my magic
This whole month of December,
But you must follow some rules
Every day please remember

Only two rules,
I hope you’ll agree:
I can’t talk to you,
And you cannot touch me.

But no worries sweet girlies
There’ll be so much fun to share,
Thanks for having me here,
You’ll find me every day somewhere!



Sharing this here in case any of you likeminded people would like to copy and paste to reuse or modify it.  I searched the internet for alternate narratives for the elf and came up dry, so hopefully this is useful to someone!

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