Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Memory Story: Christmas 2015

Penny's preschool did a Christmas show, wherein two dozen toddlers in their pajamas sang Christmas songs for about half an hour.  Penny participated halfway, mostly doing her own interpretive dance and making funny faces.  Annual quota of cuteness for sure.

At the end, Miss Carrie asked each of the kiddos what they want for Christmas and handed them the microphone.  Penny's answer:  "A bike for my baby sister."   When asked, "Well what about for you?" she replied: "I already have a bike."

This instance among many other things have warmed this mama's heart this holiday season. And even though I didn't get a perfect photo of the two of them together, I wouldn't have changed one thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours!


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  1. Are you kidding? That last Santa shot is THE perfect photo! Total success when it comes to child/Santa portraits :) And I just smile HUGE reading your Penny's response to her teacher's question. How freaking sweet is that??? It's moments like that, among all of the chaos that is toddlers, that remind us that we're doing something right.

  2. Considering of suggestions for Xmas presents for children can be challenging. If they are created previously in the season maybe not so hard but what about if they are only infants right before Christmas? Often mother and father and members of the family say whatever the age they won't give too many presents to child but c'mon be serious! It is after all child's first ever Xmas and they've got to be ruined... right?

    Maybe child won't need outfits. Not unless you want to buy them something seriously lovely for their Xmas members of the family picture chance. You can outfit them up as child Santas and Rudolphs until your minds and hearts material.If you are not into the putting on a costume child up thing then maybe just a Xmas bib is enough.

    You can set members of the family members treasure custom by getting child their very own first Xmas bauble to embellish the shrub. This pattern can start even before child comes into the world but I like the concept of a customized bauble with child's name on. There are more and more to choose from - chinese suppliers, cup, wood made.. you name it there will be a first Xmas bauble or design to match all preferences and costs. Often family members buy a new Xmas design or bauble every season from beginning - something to really develop on members of the family souvenirs and treasure souvenirs for the next generation


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