Friday, April 3, 2015

winning at something

Tonight after beating my husband in a surprise quick round at TopGolf with friends in town from California, I returned to my cave errrr office to work on photos and smelled in the basement that my toddler must have pooped her pull-up in her sleep.

I wanted to pretend I didn't smell it but knowing that a worse smell and horrible rash in the morning would be inevitable if nothing was done now, I braced myself for the worst and went in there to wake the beast and change the diaper.  

Then I pulled the greatest mom ninja of all time and removed the backwards zipper jammies, changed a poopy "sleep panty" upside down, and got said toddler back in place with her only barely waking up enough to say "I should probby take this sticker off my weg" and fall back asleep. 

Rash overted.  Toddler asleep. 

In a week where I have felt like I've been losing at everything, two wins in one night was nice.  Maybe I need to play more golf.  

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