Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Memory Story: Skateland

When I was in elementary school, I went to Skateland quite often.   I feel like my school and my orthodontist office and my girl scout troop and... every organization I was affiliated with... had all their parties there.  Skateland was where I showed off my mad skating skills, got exposed to the latest in pop music (because it was pretty much just Whitney Houston and Country Western at home), and got to see friends and teachers outside the context of school. Chicken Dance. Partner Skate. Backwards Skate. Black light Skate.  It was the bomb dot com before dot com was a thing.

Tonight Dan got it in his head that we should take advantage of "Water Wednesdays" -- you bring a case of water bottles for donation toward homeless shelters and your family of four gets free admission -- and that Penny would learn how to skate.  I hesitated, but alas. 

Not sure she learned how to skate, but we sure did have a party of a time.   Nights like this I'm so glad I married someone who balances me out.  I would just assume never leave the house in the summer time; Dan always has great ideas of how to get out of the house and make the best of the worst season in Arizona.  

Not pictured here is a very enthusiastic Penelope dancing the Cha Cha Shuffle (is that what it's called) in her socks in the middle of the rink with a bunch of strangers at the end of the night after everyone turns their skates in.  We've got a full-on little girl on our hands.

A tip for you mamas considering this outing for your family: bring a stroller for your baby.  You can't hold baby/kid while you skate but you can push them around the rink, which allows both parents to skate and for you to keep your stuff with you (in the stroller) and not have to rent a locker.  We didn't know this but we will do it next time!

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