Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Batten and Board

We're in the middle of a[nother] project in our house, now that the Murphy Bed / Study is finished this time we are installing Batten and Board in our main room and a bench and mudroom hooks in our entryway.  Right now it looks like we were framing an add-on and then ran out of money, but when complete it's going to look awesome.

Dan's mini me snuck away from the dinner table to put on his hat and goggles and start hammering away.   Three things come to mind: 1. how much she looks like Dan -- her posture and build, her face, that hat... 2. She can be SUCH a good and eager helper sometimes (I said sometimes)... 3. I love that our girls see their father at work on our home, using his hands and his skills.   That makes me get past the stress and eagerness to be all done and have our house back.  Will share "finished" pictures on social media when the time comes!

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